You’ll have to arrange naming and routing yourself, and this section shows how to set up using static IP addressing. Use the Linux kernel “bridge” module along with the “bridge-utils” package, which includes the important brctl command. I found the answer now actually I don’t really know, why it works, but it works. As shown here, nothing happens if there’s no “lan” bridge; so this change could go into config files on any system that might ever use a bridge called “lan” in this particular way. Belcarra provides custom and new proprietary or GPL bus interface drivers for new or modified chips and chip-sets.

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You may be familiar with how bridging works with Microsoft Windows XP, when you connect your second network link. The other is a “host” that sits on some LAN, and probably has Linu access. You should be able to use “usbnet” to talk to these gadgets from Linux hosts, and its device side acts much like the iPaq scenario described here.

The result was a second driver for everything mentioned above See the License page for details. It’s incomplete because Linux doesn’t need to know anything specific about products correctly implementing the CDC Ethernet class specification. Linux defines some standard interpretations for the “message level” bits, which are not widely used Articles needing additional references from October All articles needing additional references All articles with unsourced statements Articles rhdis unsourced statements from June Articles with unsourced statements from April See figure below of the device manager on the host windows side.


Seek out other options if you can.

Linux Remote NDIS USB device function driver now available from Belcarra Technologies

Retrieved from ” http: If something isn’t working, you will see the last packet that was sent and not responded to. Run the following commands to export you home directory to all computers on this sub-LAN:.

Belcarra Technologies is headquartered near Vancouver, Canada and specializes in Internet Protocol services for embedded and server systems, and are experts in Ethernet, USB lijux other serial transport protocols.

It’s also incomplete because products that use specialized chips or which reuse other product designs may jsb repackaged without changing how they work. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

All these are based on the same core hardware. Less configuration means fewer linuux things can go wrong. I modified the network startup code to bring up eth0 as the core of bridge, instead of calling “ifup”.

Those two Zaurus-specific drivers use nonstandard framing for Ethernet over USB, although the “eth-fd” driver enumerates as if it were conformant with the CDC Ethernet specification. Then I shut down the zero, add again a file called “ssh” in the directory and connect it to my Ubuntu Machine. A partial RNDIS specification is available from Microsoft, but Windows implementations have been observed to issue requests not included in that specification, and to have undocumented constraints.


The “usbfs” style device naming has problems since it’s not “stable”: Some users have also found they need to shrink the mtu on the Zaurus, with ifconfig usb0 mtu Symptoms include at one extreme a blue rneis panicto stopping communication after a while, to the mildest failure just a temporary lockup that goes away after a while.

The GNU/Linux “usbnet” Driver

Some systems aren’t robust with zero length packets. This is different than a root NFS mount.

On the Ubuntu If that device talks like one of the host-to-host adapters listed above, a host won’t know it’s talking to a PDA that runs Linux directly. It also eliminates the need to route a two-node subnet for each new USB network device, making network administrators happier with your choice of uwb hardware. Name or service not known Thanks for any hints. In general, you’d rather automate such things.

That means standard CDC Ethernet drivers need to have a way to blacklist Zaurus products, since they are incompatible with the protocol standard they advertise.

The network model used in these explanations is the core of rnfis such models that you will likely need to handle. There are other USB 2.