Please carefully read readme. There is no need to have any drivers or any software installed. Usually after change HASP content you must wait for some time up to 15 minutes wail security system detect new key. Hardware Update Wizard will start. The following steps are original here http: There can be up to 10 different passwords but it doesn’t mean that all dongles are connected to computer.

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GE Product Licensing

The first thing you need to know what exactly you have. Exclude only network data access function. Click Next to begin the installation. Please carefully read readme.

In general, a Key can be used with an older version of software. If your software is still running in demo mode after following the above instructions, reboot your PC and run the wizard again.

It is 3 file inside: Wait few minutes until it tells that reading done and data in to file saved.

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If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Care department:. No one say you register code. Click OK to close the wizard. To check result you must use utility KeyDiag.


Software upgrades will often require an update to the information in the Security Dongle. Windows 7 x64, Windows Vista x64 and Windows Server require special digital signature. It is not need to have your protected application installed.


If your OS is 64 bit, then open folder MultiKey64 and do as follows:. Because this security key is used for other Software products, it is recommended that you update ifiix on machines that are not running our software at the time of update. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Care department: Click Finish to close the wizard.

If something unclear – contact us: Then Dongle emulator driver will be ready for running kfix your Windows x64 environment. This is a standard OS procedure as for any other hardware but for clarity it is illustrated below.

These devices deliver a great deal of flexibility as compared with other license solutions. I was wondering if somebody also knows the byte where the Cimplicity version is located?


It is work for one day. GE software products are licensed through the use of Security Dongles Keys. Hi, Used above in the past succesfully Therefore if You start from iifix then th byte must be right half of th word. Note that hasp has to be plugged all this time. I tried this on Windows 32 machine for sentinel hl max. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.

Please send created dump files to sales donglebackup. But also you can restart security service to short up this process. Sometimes Refresh is done automatically. Download Hasp reader archive: You wait for a while, you will see a popup asking you to install a unsigned driver.

Download Hasp data reader hasp4rdr.