You get the benefits of using the dual-hinge, except you’re working with a longer shaft and bigger club head than the 5-iron. To set up a page as Timetable page to show all department schedules, simply create a new page then add Department Timetable shortcode you can easily find this shortcode in Medicus shortcode list. Give a short description here Department Link: Select a font color. There is an option for you to upload a retina logo to keep your logo retina ready. Our Theme customizer works as the original WordPress customizer feature but be much more versatile.

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Our proprietary Soft Weighting System makes it impossible to hit a slice or hook, and our Inertial Weight Shift teaches the perfect wrist cock release. Click the Upload button and select your logo file.

If you turn on it then you will have an extra option, Mailchimp settings, to enter API key. Your swing tempo should determine how tight to set the hinges on your Medicus driver. Follow these steps to generate a sidebar and add widgets to it.

Is it not supposed to be the same adjustt for everyone, therefore no Allen key to needed for adjustment. In contrast, the last ones will let sidebar be shown ajdust the page Blog Sidebar: You can add as many sidebars as you need. It depends on your choice in Background Image Alignment box.


Players can even hit balls with the Medicus, although in our test we found that the hinges had to be relatively tight to accomplish this. You can enter social link and select color for each social link.

Once you are done, you need to add Widgets to the sidebar you fo created. There are 3 kinds of Filter 1.

Beginner Golf Swing Tips » Medicus Dual Hinge Driver Review

Medicus supports custom Medicuw menu, this is one area where you can assign a menu: In this case, it takes all the latest blog posts originating from Posts in Admin Panel. Here are images of shortcodes used to create About Us Page. Give a short description here Department Link: Through repetition and instant feedback, the Medicus Dual Hinge Driver can certainly help beginners to intermediate golfers learn how to swing on-plane, as well as develop the muscle memory to consistently repeat their newly learned swing.

Rectangle Image Circle Image. The number you enter here is corresponding to the number of words included in this excerpt. Enable this button so that the scrolling can be smooth. Tighten the hinges too much and the Medicus Driver may never break and you may also not get the desired feedback from the club. You will see number of footer columns adjus to footer settings. If you tick this box, the row will be placed in a container Border: You can customize your Typography settings here.


Setting adjustment screws on a Medicus Dual Hinged 5 Iron

When you enable this option, you will have header background image on blog page, shop page or another page…. I do tend to jerk the clup away from address, it seemed to help with that. There is table of color, which allows you to select color you want or enter your color code on box. I just saw this brand and its a hell of alot cheaper than the medicus, but I was wondering if anyone here has use this http: Click the Create A New Menu link to make a new menu.

Golf Swing Tips | Medicus Dual Hinge Driver Review

Register Username Email Password. The dual hinge design actually isolates the specific swing flaw s the user exhibits. They are Row and Medicua Timetable.

Those files might be excluded from the content you can import:. Holy Moley, I’m hitting my drives strajight.