Works out of the box, very good product. Needs knowledge to properly configure. Pitch is good, Roll is swimmy and cannot be adjusted to compensate. I have crashed this thing hard a couple of times now but still work nicely. Good after sales follow up via mail. Works well, but you need to gather information in the net.

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Socket on pcb not soldered on. Inspection showed that the PCB has five pins but the cable only has four.

3-Axis Brushless Gimbal Camera Mount with 32bit Storm32 Controller for Gopro 3 4 FPV Black

My phantom remote had to be updated in order to get pitch control to goodpuckbuy. After about 20 hours of hand held use, has started stuttering horizontally! Mine worked flawlessly right out of the box with no tuning necessay. Works out of the box. This manual is only for your reference.

This gimbal keeps my GoPro 3 White perfectly level at all times. What is the right Firmware and GUI? Please make informative reviews, reviews under characters all fields combined will not be accepted. Suspension came goodluckbiy great packaging, installation poslue DJI Phantom he once earned.


brushless gimbal –

Tested with GoPro 2 and works perfect and smooth. However, there are plenty of informative videos on the internet. Works out of the box, gimbxl good product. Great performing gimbal for a gopro 3 size camera. Storm 32 controller is very good and easy to setup A very good gimbal with very good price Ypu should have it.

Gimbal Driver User Manual May not the same picture, but the same function.

The camera ggimbal way to light for a gimbal this size. Gimball was not complete: I have used this gimbal in 30 mile an hour winds with great stabilitywhat more can you ask for? It’s a little heavy but the aluminum build is very solid and durable. The company must make and publish simple user manual, instructions or atleast have a responsive support mechanism!

The link given is a good help though. Not sure if Goodluckbuy offers price protection After that it levels out.

DJI Phantom Brushless Gimbal Camera Mount w/ Motor & Controller for Gopro3 FPV Aerial Photography

I would have preferred a wire to go behind the camera mount, not in front. Since there is no manual, you have to search the net, but there is a lot of information available.


Owners manual would come in very handy. I have crashed this thing hard a couple of times now but still work nicely. I use a 3s LiPo. Perfect, Simple and works beautifully.

Hardware 1 and firmware version 2.

3 axis gimbal –

Make a users manual. Good price to quality ratio. Priceplug and play.