Log in or register to post comments. You’ll find three buttons on the front of the Power, Eject, and Scan–and a dial for controlling manual focus. There are two main advantages HDR offers over using Photoshop to adjust and color correct raw image files. This scanner is typical of many other 35 mm scanners in that it is a long narrow brick on edge: A secondary appeal was the claim for wide dynamic range:

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Be aware of this before going into a scanning project, and plan what you’re going to do during scan cycles. Doing the spotting job manually will often take considerably longer.

First, some people are scanning old transparencies that have warped over time making the focus difficult. If your images are not 24x36mm 35mm frames, forget it.

I’ll try using 540 ring glass, but this is a condition I did not actually test for this review: But I generally prefer just to make a full-image, full-range bit scan and then do the rest in Photoshop.

There are better scanning methods for transparency film, namely drum scans, but this is the best consumer grade film scanner that I could get my hands on for the cash I was willing to spend. But what made the famous hasn’t been tampered with: I generally notice greater contrast and detail when using multi-sample scanning so I almost always turn this on.


Working with the II was a pleasure. Page 1 Page 2. We threw a very oddly colored Kodak Gold emulsion at it and got a very nice dimagr VueScan handled this well, too.

Here Are 3 Easy Once you get your own preferences figured out output quality, corrections, Digital ICE you can can efficiently work your way through several boxes of slides in an afternoon. Attempts with these images on Technical Ektachrome in the past had always dimagee.

Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Elite 5400 Slide & Film Scanner

Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Elite review: A couple of examples may better support this observation. I have never had the scanner miss focus di,age in auto mode.

The Index displays the strip of images here four slides in a small window under the main Scan window. What was most evident working with these less-than-optimum images was that the greater specification depth and new light source and optics of the scanner produced raw scan image data with much more latitude for correction and adjustment.

The ‘s autofocus isn’t extremely precise on the initial scan, but it gets points for the dimsge control dial.

All of the images in my gallery pages have been scanned with the Minolta One designates a spot in the pre-scan image on which to focus. In the remainder of this review I will comment on specific features of the scanner and then make a final general comment. Konica Minolta does include profiles for scanning positives and negatives, but you can’t scan an IT8 target and build your own profile in the supplied software.


If this is a problem in future, I’ll be tempted to mount the slide in a glass mount. If you scan a file at maximum resolution with Digital ICE turned on, you’ll wait about 3 minutes, which is longer than the Coolscan V’s time of 1 minute, 10 seconds.

But dpi surpasses the old dpi standard.

Postponing corrections like grain suppression may not be efficient, but it’s very easy to oversharpen an image, for example. However, there are a few hurdles standing between it and the adoration of the pro market. And two, you can apply all of the adjustments using the SilverFast tools consecutively, and eimage. Pusang Bubong Roof Cat.

Scanner Review: Minolta

The Scan Utility sports a complex interface with a help panel in the top right corner. Recommended RAM requirements vary depending on which functions are used. After configuring Master settings for the batch scan and initializing the scanner, you can scan holder after holder of images.

For most purposes, the ppi scan should be adequate.