The multimeter you linked looks fine enough. You could just solder directly to the back of the motor. Jul 4, Posts: Some ICs do that, microchip might have one. Engineering teams of leading hard drive manufacturers are actively working on solving this issue. There isn’t much torque, which isn’t surprising considering the small size.

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I was the “programmer” for my team, so someone else did all the wiring. Fixxxer Ars Praefectus Registered: Told you so, 4 above. No offense intended, but what’s your educational background?

Brushless motor driver for disk drive motors

I then have to switch which contacts I apply current to before it happens again. Thu Mar 29, 6: It’s a 3 phase induction motor, you have to drive each coil in sequence. Hard drive motors are designed for operation at high speeds over a long period of time. Microchip and TI come to mind.

One of the connections has none left. Some ICs do that, microchip might have one. I only did 3 connections, hoping the last one was just the status one.


It did spin a little bit when I touched the wires. Ultrasonic transducer driver 1. The multimeter you linked looks fine enough.

Remove the flex cable entirely and solder to the motor wires directly. This is a sensorless driver, intended for running fans, with up to 1. Hell, I’d say it’s not even necessary for many people who use a meter professionally, except in certain situations or where certain features are required.

Greetings, I know very little about electronics but I decided to spijdle some fun using old parts. There are also a bunch of capacitors on there but I don’t want to touch them cause I’ve heard they can explode and or pump me full of juice when they unload.

Brushless motor driver for disk drive motors (25/01/14)

From phase to phase you’ll measure 2xR, from phase to neutral you’ll measure R. Fortunately the surface under the flex still has that black e-coating on it; otherwise your solder job would have just shorted the wires directly to the base casting.


The sense resistor used with the A determines the current limit – I used 0. Before, ball bearings were used, while now, almost exclusively fluid bearings secure rotation of HDD spindle motors. ,otor 242: Do you have any recommendations for one? Tue Mar 13, 1: Fri Mar 16, Facebook HddSurgery – Tools for data recovery experts. For virtually all HDDs, the motor is designed to spin counterclockwise; spinning in the opposite direction will rapidly damage apindle FDB. You can’t do without it if you want to be connecting things to an Arduino and driving motors.

I’m going to look into that bridge. Dynamic IR drop analysis 7.

I am a landscaper by trade though. Ah, that drive’s older than I thought.

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