Zero problems whatsoever aside from the voltage boost needed. One of my friends can’t hit FSB on his board either. What some people have used is v. Tue Nov 18, 7: MSI is just one of the many nForce2 motherboard vendors that has also moved forward with the new nForce2 Ultra chipset variants and has completely phased out its older models based on the initial nForce2 SPP. Well, waiting for the Corsair results from my friend at the office I can add that I actually had some problems today with the Gigabyte computer. Tue Nov 18, 4:

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And his results also determines if I send my MSI board back or not The motherboard comes with an external pass-through for two S-ATA ilst with power, and cables to use them Latest official is V.

No CMOS reset or anything will convince this system to reboot. The DDR-voltage has only three steps.

Msi K7N2 Delta-ILSR Manuals

One problem is that the fsb Athlons are newer than the Bios even on the Gigabyte. My friend got the thing started again with Safe-mode jumper.

And it boots, but the cables was a bit mis and short, so on one chain of the 4-pin cable there was in order, Case-fans, 2 Hard Drives and the Radeon pro Apr 17, Posts: On an Nforce2 motherboard running FSB, you get optimal performance from TRAS 11, or 10 depending, Then a dip at 9 to regain some at around 7 but never as good as But once I got the heads-up on the 12Volt capacity thing I realised that I did not want to feel that I had to walk on the edge of the PSU’s capacity anymore, so Mai ordered a proper PSU on Thursday already, because I saw l7n2 this coming even before trying.


That is the stuff that can have any importance to power oh, forgot the old Serial Vacom drawing-pad. I thought maybe the USB-hub problem might have contributed.

MSI K7N2 Delta-ILSR, Socket A, AMD Motherboard

And yet, I’ve heard on enthusiast-forums that people are overclocking their Mhz parts to higher thanbut again, that might just be the CPU’s Oct 13, Posts: But I cannot find any beta-downloads for this motherboard or any MSI deta that matter Thu Nov 13, 8: Commodore 64 Ars Praefectus Registered: No dleta BIOS will fix this.

One solution that probably had worked with both PSU’s is to disconnect the Gigabyte DPS-board, but that feature is kind of what convinced me to get this board in the end.

So I returned the CPU and reordered a new one. I’m sure once Bios is corrected to identify the fsb processors correctly that problem will go away.

MSI K7N2 Delta-ILSR Manuals

I had to put. I would consider Abit if there is believable guarantees that their NF2-MB’s are good and not that delt on memory Hmm, now it will not boot at any setting if the safe-mode jumper isn’t shorted It never made it to completely loading Windows.


What some people have used is v. I will return to this thread once more to tell you how the Antec worked out, but I guess we dela already know the answer to that Tue Nov 18, 4: Oh and by the way.

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I read quite a bit about it and I thought it was cool that it had both S-ATA and P-ATA Raid onboard, but the full implication of that hit me first when I had installed the board and was gonna attach the drives.

Wed Nov 26, 7: Feb 12, Posts: Ok, now we are getting somewhere. So I thought that I should try with this TrueControl anyway