Windows 98 needs drivers for USB flashdrives but the cruzermicro does not have one. Net is the opinions of its users. It depends on the flash drive you purchase if it would work with Windows 98 or not, The flash drive that you have got does not work with windows 98 however sandisk used to manufacture flash drives like Cruzer Mini which is compatible with Win 98SE after installing drivers however you try and look for it online if you want to purchase one. Would you use Snapchat filters on your dog? It does’nt show in Device Manager or anyhere else.

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Now you can see why I was pushing my Cruzer FD to work. Message 6 of 9 Views. Message 4 of 9 Views. It might work but we don’t guarantee it. These allow many USB devices that have no drivers for 98 and 98SE to work in those operating systems. Please read the package and specification of this drive on the package and the website.

Message 5 of 9 Views. If there is no Safely Remove Hardware icon, then there’s something not right with the software that is supposed to make the icon appear e.


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Thousands of users waiting to help! If a camera or other device that uses memory cards isn’t recognized, these drivers will recognize most memory card reader devices if you plug the memory card from the device into a reader.

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No Longer works with Windows 98 !

I guess it’s a waste of time trying to go any further with this. Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed to. Message 1 of 9 Views. Use Question Form such as ain98 Why?

Net is the opinions of its users. The rest are by people who can’t drive any better than a drunk.

Such opinions may not be accurate and they are to be used at your own risk. I’d hate to be in your class smile. Over a Month Ago Time Zone: You should go on using another flashdrive. You can plug it in at any time.


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Your OS is not on the minimum system requirement which means it may or may not work. So thank you for being so gracious in trying to. In Vista, and probably Windows 7, it’s a medium green small circle with a white checkmark on it. You can still download 98SE drivers from a few flash drive manufacturer’s web sites, but I’ve found these drivers to be a better solution Now I was looking to find the appropriate.

Flash drives and memory cards show up in My Computer or Windows Explorer simply as a drive letter with a Removable Disk label, rather than them possibly having a specific label as they do in and above, e. Why are you pushing this cruzermicro to work on your system?

There’s no point in arguing about this when the package clearly says “Minimum system requirements: