I can’t get the laser to do anything. I’d like to be able to use all three of these together. Ex-owner of Shenhui and engraving business with 45 watt Epilog Mini If you are running a bit version of Windows 7, ALL drivers must be bit. My fix was to get a referbed machine with XP on it on ebay, problem sloved. Fix for vector sorting commands sent to Job Manager.

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Created a simple design in Corel and set up the printing preferences using the Epilog dashboard Epilog Fusion M2 Series.

As such, the views expressed in this site are those of the participants and do not necessarily reflect the views of Corel Corporation, or its affiliates and their respective officers, directors, employees and agents. Laser Cutting – nothing compares to the ebgraver of a laser cut on many materials.

Corel Draw does not support my Epilog laser under Windows 7!!! Help!

I guess I’m making this post because I’d like to know what Corel Draw’s official view of this issue is. So it seems to be only Windows 7 that the Epilog drivers have a problem with.

It can be found here http: Originally Posted by Joe De Medeiros. Frank’s advice is good as usual.


Laser Marking – how can you affordably mark metal parts with barcodes and logos? Anthony Scira had a post back a while which I used to help in my setup on my local network.

I’ve done a bit more testing on this.

Epilog Laser Knowledge Base – Support Center – 64 bit

Laser Cutting – nothing compares to the quality of a laser cut on many materials. Suggested Answer 4 months ago.

Even if I create a new dpi document with a simple 1″ circle. Download the latest drivers and firmware for your laser system. The time now is 6: The latest drivers and firmware are listed below, and can be downloaded at your convenience.

This page provides upgrades for your laser system. All bit drivers are compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows If I then try to print again then a dialog box pops up saying “Unable to access printer driver. All recent questions and discussions Unread questions and discussions Questions and discussions you’ve participated in Questions and discussions you’ve started Unanswered questions and discussions Answered questions and discussions Questions with suggested answers.

I just didn’t want this post to get too long. My old Puter had a hard drive crash so had to go to 7 on the new one. Personally, I have no idea who is to “blame” for this. There are no errors, the laser simply acts like it has not received a job.


Epilog Laser Drivers and Firmware Updates

Driver Update Notification Signup Signup to receive email notification when a new driver or firmware is available for your laser model. Reinstalled my Corel X5 and now I can’t open any file! It sounds like your computer isn’t acknowledging the printer ports.

For example, Adobe Photoshop prints to it with no problems at all. Laser Engraving – find out how Epilog’s laser engravers can create beautiful engravings. For more information on the Job Manager, click here.

I read other posts about 64 bit and Windows 7 and people seem to have at wim64 some success with the combination.

entraver Longtai with watt EFR, mostly for fun. All times are GMT I’m not a computer programmer so I have no expertise in this area.