To view readings at the same depth, press the Right arrow. Retrieving Surveys The operator connects the DataMate to a PC and runs DigiPro2, which retrieves the surveys and stores them in a database for quick access. Except as expressly provided herein, no part of this manual may be reproduced, More information. To switch off, pull the lever up, and then move it to the off position. This step is important for consistent readings.

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Use to change More information. Continue 0 Done Del Then slip the DataMate back into its case, checking that the gasket is seated properly.

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All information, data, designs, and drawings contained herein are proprietary to and the property of Durham Geo Slope Indicator, and may not be reproduced or copied in any form, by photocopy or any other means, including disclosure to outside parties, directly or indirectly, without permission in writing from Durham Geo Slope Indicator Dafamate Reach Drive Mukilteo, Washington, USA, Tel: Optional Enter up to 3 characters to identify the compass heading of the A grooves.


The DataMate then calculates the cumulative deviation for the survey and displays it. Choose Read from the main menu.

Press Up to confirm the deletion or Esc to cancel. Press Esc to return to the Surveys menu.

Press Enter to record. Scroll through readings to the suspect depth. Figure Sheet This page is intentionally.

This is a multiplex device which incorporates the temperature monitoring and control More information. It can store up to surveys and operate 16 hours on freshly charged batteries.

Digitilt DataMate II – PDF

System Memory Specification p. Do not hit probe or expose. Getting started with the software Choose an installation from the list. The WE will work with this station.

Main battery can be recharged. The DataMate then calculates the cumulative displacement for the survey and displays it.

Now the DataMate is back into the normal record mode. Insert the probe into the casing with upper wheels in the A0 direction.


Disconnect control cable and probe. The information herein is subject to change without notification. Weather Capture Software Guide Version 1.

Cancels current process and returns to menu. No special software is required. In practice, checksums are rarely zero. Lower the probe to the required depth. Disconnect controller from power and wait.

cep-singapore | Digitilt Datamate II

If any group shows an obvious problem, examine the individual checksums in that group. Check Zone Statistics 1. Also scrolls backwards through the alphabet z This is particularly important in hot humid weather.

Reading of English or Metric: Press Enter to choose the item or Esc to exit the item.