This application is having creating jdbc connection using: I am working through the iReport tutorials and can connect fine to the sample database provided with Jasper. The iReport GUI is very confusing in this regard. Sign up using Facebook. Any idea on what I would’ve had to do to get the APP driver working? I also have a test case to test the method in question and it completes successfully. The Order and Export property page states that “Exported entries are contributed to dependent projects”, meaning they’re visible to other projects that depend on this one.

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Another weird thing is that I used to not have to copy any files around. Thank you two for your replies.

DB2Driver not working in Liberty8. It was added as an external jar. Eclipse Community Forums Forum Search: DB2Driver Can someone help to understand why i cant made the connection to my db and why this to use drivers? Do not use a plus or minus sign with a tag, e.


Problem with WS Security on Liberty profile 8. Breadcrumbs Home Projects Forums. I know it works since I was able to select a particular schema during the Services Connection setup process.

e(2Driver) not working in Liberty – IBM Developer Answers

Unable to deploy kie-workbench on Websphere Liberty Server 1 Answer. Hi friends, I’m trying to configure an application which is currently running in websphere 8. Morales Batovski 2, 9 19 I don’t think you should be listing a db2java.

I didn’t have any particular preference on app versus universal.

Mindan 2 7 I’m trying to configure an application which is currently running in websphere 8. What i see a difference between iReport and jaspersoft studio is they using different driver to connect to de DB2 db iReport use this driver: I tried creating a library to point to “C: If yes, sure to also edit worklight.


Mar 13 – 2: This is working perfectly in websphere full profile. Do you really need to use java.

Jan 21 – 3: The proposed url is correct for this driver. Sat, 14 June In short you need something like this: Whatever’s trying to find the class using the classpath that was used to launch your Java Application.


I have added the Driver in the Services window and successfully setup a New Connection in the services window.

JDBC driver not found during startup

Sign up using Email and Password. Fri, 06 June Please mark as Answered when you can.

Along with a fellow iReport user here at work, we just tried various combinations of jars, zip files, and entries in that data source screen until something worked. The iReport GUI is very confusing in this regard. I don’t what I did right before the problem started happening, so unfortunately I don’t know how to reproduce the problem