True that MyLaps didn’t update the drivers to 64 bit. Find More Posts by Ed Anderson. I’m using AutoScore I used the serial connection with the “rc” decoder most of the time. RC Scoring Pro recommends one on their website. This is the designers choice. Find More Posts by kschu. I beleive it says on the mylaps sight that they are doing it until June 1,

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AMB RC decoder – R/C Tech Forums

ysb After the uninstall reboot then plug in the decoder again and when you get the wizard direct it to the folder where you have the USB driver saved. It only did with this special adaptor that contained some kind of chip. Originally Posted by racer Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

With a simple adaptor it would not work. The rc decoder has both. Find More Posts by racer Not all these adapters are compatible with the AMBrc.

RC Scoring Pro recommends one on their website. AMB have been the market leader in this sector since the early 80’s when they invented a timing computer and then a transponder timing system for model cars, they now produce systems for all kinds of sports there is a history on their web site. Find More Posts by Robby We were however able to make a connection The driver doesnt support 64 bit operation, and was hit and miss in 32 bit operation.


It’s just that the decoder is not recognised by the pc, when connecting it through USB. After a passing the time, transponder number and some other information is sent to the computer, the timing program then adds a lap, starts a cars clock etc.

I still find it a pitty that the USB-connection can not be used with alternative software, alldough I have not given up my attempts to find an USB-solution. A transponder will be installed in each car, as the car passes over the loop it is detected many times, the decoder knows the time of the first detection and last detection and so can work out the time when the car passed over the middle of the loop.

Ethernet does have its advantages over USB however, a more secure connection will not drop out if the computer goes into power saving and allows for up to four computers to be connected at the same time.

AMB RC decoder

I’m using AutoScore I used the serial connection with the “rc” decoder most of the time. You will need to go back to the USB serial converter. Microsoft Speech Dedoder 5. This seems very strange to me.


I’m not sure if Laps Free does. The problem is my PC detects an USB-device but does not have a clue what it is and so, needs drivers for the thing. Well, this RC Scoring Pro-software seems very nice but is no option for me.



Possible that laps free is so free, that the support for the newest dscoder is not compatible with your laptop usb drivers. Find More Posts by brew I have here the AMB RC Decoder, the device that receives the lap-signals through the antenne-cable, and transmits them to the PC with time-keeping-software.

AMB no longer supports the usb driver for the decoder.

Originally Posted by Robby If you have not purchased a license, you can make a single 30 day license to check out bbkRC Decodder. AMBrc systems were introduced in the year to replace the popular System 20, the new system introduced the ability to have personal transponders as well as handout rechargeable’s System 20 transponders will not work on AMBrc systems or visa-versa. SO Laps Free functions allright.

If you are updating an earlier version of bbkRC please read this. I use his software, and have had no trouble.